Winston-Salem Cycling Classic

This past weekend I watched the criteriums at the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic last weekend. This is the first annual 2-day event that next year will most likely be on the NRC and maybe a UCI event. There were only elite riders competing in these criteriums. The day started with a men’s Cat 3 crit, then was followed by the women’s Pro, 1, 2, 3 criterium (crit). There were several professional teams and accomplished women riders there, including riders for NOW Novartis, Pepper Palace Pro Cycling, and others. Alison Powers (NOW Novartis) won the crit too! I was so impressed by the strength these women cyclists showed during the 60 minutes they raced. I had two teammates race in this crit and they did a fantastic job! You’ll see one of them on the front line on your right in the photo below–Angelina Stevens. My other teammate, Sarah Kraxberger competed as well. I was so proud of them and so happy to be there cheering them on.

photo (2)

After the women’s crit was completed, I watched the men’s Pro, 1, 2, 3 crit. This crit had over 120 riders in it, the biggest field I’ve seen live. In fact, the field was so large it took 30-45 seconds to get everyone through the start/finish line each lap. Below is a video that I took with my iPhone of the field passing through as they raced around for another lap.

This event is just the first for the area in what I hope will be the continuing presence of high-profile racing. The USAC Pro Criteriums Championships happen in late July in High Point, NC, so stayed tuned for more pics and videos from that event. I’ll be racing in the amateur criteriums early in the weekend, but plan to be there for the professional races and participate as a cheering spectator.


About Mandy Gallagher

USA Cycling Level 2 Coach, Training Peaks University Graduate, Certified Power Based Training
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