The importance of your health

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was wondering why I felt so tired. I train a lot, have a full-time job, etc., but for whatever reason, I couldn’t shake my fatigue. My FTP was low, I was still suffering in races, and I didn’t seem to be improving at all. I called my doctor and she requested that I have some blood work done.

Sure enough, we found out that I am extremely anemic and have deficiencies in Vitamins B-12 and D. When I got the results, I can’t say that I was that surprised. You see, I don’t eat as well (or as much) as I probably should given the amount of exercise that I do each week. I push myself hard on my bike, race frequently, and have started going back to the gym for weight training. I also don’t have the most regular sleep schedule. Needless to say, since the results of my blood work came back, I’ve started changing things in a BIG way. I take supplements, eat more protein (including meat, which I really prefer not to eat), and try to get a normal and consistent amount of sleep each night. I’m also working on eating healthier choices for meals and snacks.

How have things gone so far? Well, I competed in a crit this past Sunday in Greenville, NC. I am pleased to say that I had my best result ever in a race–I was 5th out of 10th. Was this just a coincidence? Was this outcome related to my attention to my health problems and deficiencies? Was this a turning point race for me? I’m not sure, but I’ll see how it continues to play out.

So, lesson learned…GO TO YOUR DOCTOR! It is important that you keep up with your health. Your body can’t pedal on nothing. I was doing just that I don’t know for how long. I’ve learned my lesson!



About Mandy Gallagher

USA Cycling Level 2 Coach, Training Peaks University Graduate, Certified Power Based Training
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