Busy weekend, fun racing, hard workout!

I just completed two busy days of racing. Saturday was the Tour de Moore road race in Southern Pines, NC. We had over 25 women in the Cat 3/4 race. That is such a great turnout again! I’m so very excited for the future of women’s cycling in my area!

This race went pretty well for me (it starts out mostly down hill, so that is always a treat!). I hung on with the field for at least 10 of the 27 miles. Not really sure where we were in the race when I popped off the back. Then, the attacks started on some rollers. Those popped me off the back and I finished at the back of the race, but I felt like I accomplished a lot from where I was last year at this time. I don’t really enjoy road racing, so I would say that all in all, this race went OK.

Sunday was the Brick City Criterium in Sanford, NC. It was kind of rainy out and I participated in the women’s open race (Cat 3/4 women were scored separately). The crit was 40 minutes and I fought every second of it. I did get lapped a few times (there was some drilling going on in the main field). However, I was able to catch back on and catch my breath!

I’m still struggling with racing tactics and overall power, but I feel like I am making some improvement over how I raced last year. This year of racing will still be a challenge, but it will be a fun one! I am working really hard to improve!

I completed a sprint workout yesterday (Monday) with my team. It was great to be able to do this workout with two of the top sprinters in our state, Bergen Watterson and Andrew Shetlar, who lead our session. I was joined by 4 of my teammates and we worked on sprinting form on a local school’s track in addition to doing some drills out on Union Grove Road (outside of Carrboro, NC). I was happy to have had this opportunity and to have been able to push my Amira along with me! 🙂

The rest of the week will be a combination of hard rides and, of course, my Women’s ride tomorrow night! Stay tuned for some pics!



About Mandy Gallagher

USA Cycling Level 2 Coach, Training Peaks University Graduate, Certified Power Based Training
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